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EDI vs API | Differences and Benefits – Zenbridge

APIs can provide faster and more powerful solutions for most businesses today, but EDIs remain the core choice in some sectors. APIs are a modern concept that eases integrations for fast-growing businesses. On the other hand, traditional EDI standards, although seems outdated, are still in demand across retail, healthcare, automobile, logistics, construction, and manufacturing. With

Best retail EDI practices for a good delivery scorecard

Delivery as a key metric in vendor performance  The retail industry has always been a competitive one. A good supply chain strategy is of paramount importance to the retail giants to stay afloat in the competition. To dominate the market, having a great product is no longer enough. To ensure customer satisfaction, timely product supply,

EDI vs API in the Amazon era

EDI vs API is a constant debate. EDI technology has survived and has done well against API so far. However, the retail industry has changed at an incredible pace ever, thanks to Amazon and the e-Commerce race between Amazon and the other giant retailers such as Walmart. Is it time to take a closer look