Month: June 2023

EDI 940 & 945 - Sucess in Order Processing Operations

EDI 940 and EDI 945 – Warehouse Shipping Transaction Sets for 3PL

3PL operations are so demanding that even a minor miscommunication can break the supply chain. To ensure an order reaches the end customer as expected and on time every time, there is a need for highly accurate data exchange between all trading parties involved in the order process. EDI 940 (Warehouse Shipping Order) and EDI

API web services for EDI

API Web Service for EDI Makes EDI Integrations Easier

EDI architectures seem archaic in the modern day where software systems can use APIs to communicate data. Two evident factors that make traditional EDI processes difficult or limiting are the lack of EDI experience in the modern developer pool and the lack of evolving toolsets. These two factors alone lead to massive productivity & financial