Month: March 2023

3PL EDI Explained

Commonly Used 3PL EDI Documents

What is 3PL EDI? 3PL EDI (Third-Party Logistics Electronic Data Interchange) is the process where a 3PL can communicate inventory and shipping information with other businesses, such as manufacturers, retailers, and other warehouses, via electronically generated documents called EDIs. There are two use cases of EDI in 3PL: (1) To exchange business data with its

3PL EDI Software – Process, Problems, & Solutions

3PL EDI Software – Process, Problems, & Solutions

3PLs deal in several industries, including retail, manufacturing, automotive, textile, etc. Because of the very nature of 3PL’s business, the EDI process of each customer differs from the other. So, the ability to implement custom EDI solutions for its customers is vital for a 3PL. They cannot rely on template processes alone. So the question