Month: August 2023

retail edi integration for Amazon, Walmart, & Costco

Retail EDI – How to Integrate EDI with the likes of Walmart, Amazon, & Costco

The retail industry is extra cautious with EDI compliance and consistency, which can severely impact the growth of a business if it can’t suffice the demands of retail partners’ EDI. An ideal EDI solution should fulfill any retailer’s EDI requirements as well as provide a technological edge over legacy EDI platforms.  This article talks about

The future of EDI platforms

EDI Platform – Definition, Features, and Future

What is an EDI platform? An EDI platform makes businesses capable of establishing connections with trading partners, managing file transfers, and integrating with your ERP or other management software. It is a control panel with tools and resources which help businesses customize their EDI relations with trading partners from various industries or sectors. EDI platforms