The EDI-as-API Platform

Send & receive EDI using easy to use API. Save your company from EDI nightmares.

EDI carries the baggage of pre-internet era design principles. Complex EDI specifications, compliances, lack of real-time validations. Our API takes away these pains.


Ready to connect with retailers & your partners

Our API lets you generate compliant EDIs for all retailers & any custom specifications your partners might have.

Eliminate the need
for EDI expertise

Our API eliminates the need for EDI expertise making it easier, faster & cheaper to implement EDI projects. You can save thousands of dollars across every EDI project. Your team can focus on your primary business problems instead of being overrun by EDI headaches.

APIs are far easier to deal with, and that's the contrarian truth.

Faster onboarding & better control

API gives you total control. - You can build custom solutions, automations and move fast without relying on slow-moving legacy service providers.

Focus on your business problems

With EDI headaches out of the way, your team can focus on your primary business problems. EDI issues are notorious for causing distress between organizations and teams.

Greater Visibility

API lets you integrate EDI data with your reports, KPI, ERP easily giving you greater visibility. Getting information out of a traditional EDI system & service provider is either impossible or painful.

Real-time validation
for 100% compliance

Because we are an EDI-as-API platform, our API can validate your data for partner-specific compliances in real-time. With traditional EDI solutions, non-compliance issues are caught only when your partner processes your EDI file, resulting in chargebacks, back and forth communication, and importantly allows bad data into your systems.

This means better compliance and elimination of chargebacks.
That’s something EDIs can’t do in realtime.

Eliminate chargebacks

When you are dealing with big Retailers or Supermarkets, heavy chargebacks are levied for non-compliance. With real-time validations, you can be 100% sure you are sending and receiving compliant data. This eliminates chargebacks.

How Zenbridge Works?

Send your data as JSON to our API
Your data is validated realtime for compliance
Compliant EDI is generated and sent to your partner
Your partners sends EDI to your Zenbridge AS2 connection
Your partner data is validated for potential issues
Data from EDI is sent as API to your callback URI

EDI platform for API

Zenbridge is a platform built with the “developer experience” as the focal point. Only this can truly make it faster, easier, and cheaper for companies to implement EDI projects.

API ecosystem is one of the most advanced, mature & cost-effective ecosystems out there in terms of connectivity, toolsets, infrastructure. API development also happens to be the most commonly available developer skill-set while EDI expertise is one of the rarest.

Easy-to-use API

Our API documentation is friendly and easy to consume abstracting out of all the complexities of EDI and compliance requirements.

Sandbox environment

We have Sandbox environments that you can use to develop, test, and learn integrations. This ensures you have a fully tested and stable solution before moving into production.

API Support for X12 and EDIFACT

Our API supports all documents, all versions of ANSI X12 and EDIFACT. No matter what your primary industry is, & where your partners are you can send & receive EDI using our API.

1.5 Million +


With our APIs we are challenging the status quo with EDI integrations. They don’t have to be slow, frustrating & costly, Take action now by scheduling a demo with us.

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Who can use Zenbridge

Retail brands- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Our platform is preloaded with APIs for EDI documents of all major US retailers. EDI integration with your retail partner is just an API call away.

Enterprises with trading partners - - -

Make it easy for your trading partners to integrate with your organization. Upload your EDI specification and expose it as API for your trading partners. Adding API as an integration channel has never been so easy.

Application developers- - - - - - - - -

If your primary problem is not EDI, use our platform for converting XML/JSON to EDI documents & vice-versa. Our platform supports all versions and all documents of ANSI X12, EDIFACT.

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