EDI vs API, in the Amazon era

Save your organization from EDI nightmares by leveraging API. The whitepaper discusses the advantages of using API as opposed to EDI for integrations. API brings in speed, accuracy, transparency, and omnichannel presence. Read on.


EDI vs API Comparison

Ease of integrationComplex and slowEasy and fast
Learning curveLongShort
Realtime validationsNot possiblePossible
Ability to build custom solutionsDifficultEasy
Expertise/Talent poolSmallLarge

Why EDI-as-API ?

APIs are far easier to deal with, and that's the contrarian truth.

  • Product-feature

    Faster onboarding & better control.

    You can set up integrations in a few days as opposed to weeks or months. API eliminates the need to understand the whole world of EDI.

  • goal icon

    Realtime validation for 100% compliance

    Our API can validate non-compliance in real time. This means better compliance and elimination of chargebacks. That’s something EDIs can’t do in realtime.

  • Product-feature

    Focus on your business problems

    Our API eliminates the need for EDI expertise & infrastructure. Your team can focus on your primary business problems instead of being overrun by EDI headaches.

  • Product-feature

    Greater visibility

    API lets you integrate EDI data with your reports, KPI, ERP easily. Getting information out of a traditional EDI system is painful.

  • Faster onboarding icon

    API for all major EDI standards

    Our API covers both ANSI X12 and EDIFACT. No matter what your primary industry is, & where your partners are you can send & receive EDI using our API.

  • Focus icon

    All documents, all versions

    We are the only platform that has API for all versions & EDI documents of both X12 & EDIFACT.

  • Focus icon

    Support for JSON & XML

    Our API supports both JSON and XML. Get EDI data delivered in the format of your choice.

  • visibility icon

    Eliminate need for EDI expertise

    API is the most commonly available developer skill set while EDI is one of the rarest. Leverage your existing API skills, toolset & infrastructure.

Whitepaper Content

  • Introduction
    • The Amazon era customer experience
    • The need for EDI evolution
  • Advantages of API
    • APIs makes integration easier
    • APIs can bring in real time validations
    • APIs make your EDIs composable
    • Tapping into commonly available talent pool
  • Insights from industry leaders
    • Expert opinion _ Zacc Roelke / DELL
    • Expert opinion _ Tytus Wilson / Bulletproof 360
  • Conclusion
    • API for EDI
    • About Zenbridge.io
    • About the author
    • Contact information

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Insights from industry leaders

  • Tytus
    Tytus Wilson from Bulletproof 360 Inc (Guest)

    Tytus works with Bulletproof 360 as a Logistics Operations Analyst and has been with them since their early stages. He saw through the first batch of EDI integration Bulletproof did with the major retailers.

  • zacc
    Zacc Roelke from DELL (Guest)

    Zacc is a Product Manager for Dell's B2B eCommerce offering, Premier. One of his goals has been to understand customer pain points and translate those needs into actionable engineers solutions. DELL has launched an API platform for procurement integration.

  • Karthikeyan
    Karthikeyan Mani (Author)

    Co_founder and CEO of ByteAlly, a technology consultancy focusing on I.T for Supply Chain with solutions across Blockchain, B2B integration, Cloud computing & AI/ML. He has led and delivered I.T solutions for SMEs and large enterprises.

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