API for every EDIFACT doc

Set up automated workflows using our EDIFACT APIs between ERPs and trading partners of your choice.


Why Zenbridge’s API for EDIFACT

Zenbridge's API converts JSON to EDIFACT documents. Everything becomes easier and the way you want it.

One API for All Documents

One API for all documents

Zenbridge is the only EDI-as-API platform that supports all documents of EDIFACT across all versions. No matter what your primary industry is or where your partners are, our API can accurately handle your EDIFACT integrations.

Real-time data validation

Real-time data validation

Do you have to wait everytime to get validation from your trading partner? Automate the entire validation process for you and your partner with our pre-built EDIFACT configurations and get real-time results for your documents.

Reduce Turn Around Time

Reduce Turn around Time

Zenbridge’s cutting-edge API delivers configurations that will help you reduce turnaround time from weeks of integrations to just days, improve workflow, and get you started before your next monthly collection.

Pay when you go live

Pay when you go live

Set up a test run for your EDIFACT, connect with all your trading partners, get reports for inbound and outbound files, and get compliant validation. Move to production with Zenbridge only when everything is ready.

Set up seamless workflows for EDIFACT with just an API

Strengthened integrations for fortune hundred companies and transacted over 100 million transactions.

End-to-end automation

End-to-end automation

Zenbridge has the technology, resources, and support to streamline your workflow on APIs, which will eliminate any man-made risks in integrations.

Fully-managed solutions

Fully-managed solutions

Integrating EDIFACT can be intimidating without EDI experts. Get personalized developer support to understand and manage any EDIFACT implementations in no time.

Seamless order management

Seamless order management

Ensures a highly efficient connection between your clients and trading partners. Get a comprehensive dashboard for sales, warehousing, and shipping docs on Zenbridge.

Move to Production in just a few Days

Your exclusive Compliance manager will handhold you throughout the whole process. So, sit back & relax.

Onboard partners with zenbridge

Onboard partners

Understanding your business process, order to cash, documentation, and order to delivery workflow.

Configure EDIFACT Specs with zenbridge

Configure EDIFACT

Determining and mapping EDIFACT that will cover the business needs of you and your partner.

Integrate with zenbridge

Integrate with Zenbridge

Developing JSON structure for inbound and outbound EDIFACT docs and establishing the connection between trading partners.

Test with Zenbridge


Testing the sending and receiving of data between you and trading partners and solving for errors before you move to production.

Go-live and monitor with zenbridge


Seamless EDIFACT process with tools that will help you in every step to monitor document health, transactions, and updates in EDIFACT.

zenbridge edi support

A single point contact to manage everything

  • The Account Manager is your single point of contact from Zenbridge to make interaction as easy as possible for you.
  • Zenbridge interacts with trading partners on your behalf throughout the integration cycle.
  • Zenbridge will communicate with you on a timely basis to provide you with updates and guidance on how to use the platform.

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