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“Do whatever it takes” is our principle when it comes to EDI support. Zenbridge’s team ensures that you receive exceptional service and support. We are here for you.

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Meet our Delivery managers

As an EDI specialist, my focus is on streamlining and automating EDI processes. I work closely with our customers to develop EDI solutions that improve accuracy, efficiency, and visibility throughout the supply chain.

Rubini Priya,

Head of Product

My experience with various customers has taught me the importance of clear communication and standardized processes. By developing clear workflows and defining standards for data exchange, we can eliminate errors and improve efficiency throughout the supply chain.


Business Analyst

As an EDI analyst, my role is to identify and troubleshoot any issues that arise within the EDI process. This includes monitoring transactions, analyzing data, and working with cross-functional teams to resolve any problems that impact our trading partner relationships.


Business Analyst

As an account manager, I work closely with our EDI team to ensure that our customers have a seamless experience when exchanging data. This includes providing personalized training and support, as well as monitoring performance and proactively addressing any issues that arise.


Business Analyst

EDI plays a critical role in our business, and as a market analyst, I am responsible for ensuring that our EDI systems are living up to customer expectations and solving real-world problems. This includes overseeing system upgrades, feedback on features, hearing out our customers and their experience with our system.


EDI Market Analyst

Your own EDI expert & project manager - A long lasting relationship

No matter which pricing plan you belong to, Zenbridge offers exclusive Delivery manager


Single point of contact

Avoid dealing with multiple representatives. Your delivery manager acts as the single point of contact answering all your queries. You receive consistent communication and tailored solutions from your single point of contact.


Product & EDI expertise

Zenbridge’s delivery managers provide guidance to you and your team on our product, suggest solutions to your EDI problems.


Issue resolution & monitoring

Our Delivery managers along with their support team monitor your EDI transactions and alert you and your trading partners in case of issues with resolutions.

End to end trading partner management

kick-off & Communication

kick-off & Communication

Zenbridge takes care of initiating the project, establishing connectivity with your trading partner & handles all subsequent communications.

Requirement gathering

Requirement gathering

Zenbridge engages with your trading partners to collect EDI specifications and all other requirements on the project.

Co-ordinate testing

Co-ordinate testing

Zenbridge produces test cases and engages with your trading partner to perform end to end testing across several use cases ensuring a stable environment for the go-live.

Production support

Production support

We ensure a smooth production move and monitor your project after the production move. We communicate any issues or non-compliant EDI transactions to your trading partner.

Unlimited training and developer support

EDI crash course

Our developers give you a crash course on the fundamentals of EDI and the integrtion process.

Product & API walkthroughs

Our developers provide your team with a walkthrough of the Zenbridge platform & API. This is not limited to a single session. Zenbridge provides unlimited training & developer support. Our mission is to ensure you go live.

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