The EDI-as-API Platform

Retail compliant EDI using our API. Save your organization from EDI nightmares.

EDI carries the baggage of pre-internet era design principles. Complex EDI specifications, compliances, lack of real-time validations. Our API takes away these pains.


API for all major retailers

Transact 100% compliant EDI messages with all retailers using our API.

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Why EDI-as-API?

APIs are far easier to deal with, and that's the contrarian truth.

  • Faster onboarding icon

    Faster onboarding & better control.

    You can set up integrations in a few days as opposed to weeks or months. API eliminates the need to understand the whole world of EDI.

  • goal icon

    Realtime validation for 100% compliance

    Our API can validate non-compliance in real time. This means better compliance and elimination of chargebacks. That’s something EDIs can’t do in realtime.

  • Focus icon

    Focus on your business problems

    Our API eliminates the need for EDI expertise & infrastructure. Your team can focus on your primary business problems instead of being overrun by EDI headaches.

  • visibility icon

    Greater visibility

    API lets you integrate EDI data with your reports, KPI, ERP easily. Getting information out of a traditional EDI system is painful.

How it works

Sending EDI to partners

1. Send your data as JSON to our API

Zenbridge Sending EDI screen_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

2. Your data is validated realtime for compliance

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Zenbridge validation screen

3. Compliant EDI is generated and sent to your partner

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _Zenbridge compliance screen

Receiving EDI from partners

1. Zenbrige auto-creates AS2 connections for you to share with your partners.

_ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _Zenbridge AS2 auto creation screen

2. EDI sent to your Zenbridge AS2 connection is pushed as JSON to you.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _Zenbridge AS2 JSON response screen
  • Dashboard

  • All your transaction can be accessed using our dashboard with different views for different people in your organization
  • Order management viewFor your operations stakeholders to manage orders, invoices, shipments & other important documents.
  • Issues/Alerts viewFor your compliance team to ensure your partners are sending in compliant EDI.
  • Raw EDI & JSON viewFor your developers for development & troubleshooting.
Zenbridge Dashboard UI

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