The EDI-as-API Platform

Integrate EDI with your ERP with just a few clicks. It’s like magic.

Whether you are using Shopify or Quickbooks or any other ERP, our API can make you EDI capable with just a few clicks.


We have pre-built EDI connectors for your ERP

By just configuring your ERP’s Webhooks with our pre-built connectors you can become EDI capable in minutes.

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How it works

  • Magic of Zenbridge’s Webhooks

  • We believe that all the cutting-edge conveniences of using API should be available for developers carrying out EDI integrations. All you have to do is set up our connectors as Webhooks inside your ERP. And boom! You are all set!
  • To know more about our Webhooks, read our guide
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Our insights in the media

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With our APIs we are challenging the status quo with EDI integrations.

They don’t have to be slow, frustrating & costly. Take action now by scheduling a demo with us.

Who can use Zenbridge

Retail brands- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Our platform is preloaded with APIs for EDI documents of all major US retailers. EDI integration with your retail partner is just an API call away.

Enterprises with trading partners - - -

Make it easy for your trading partners to integrate with your organization. Upload your EDI specification and expose it as API for your trading partners. Adding API as an integration channel has never been so easy.

Application developers- - - - - - - - -

If your primary problem is not EDI, use our platform for converting XML/JSON to EDI documents & vice-versa. Our platform supports all versions and all documents of ANSI X12, EDIFACT.

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