EDI – ERP Integration using Webhooks

ERP and their API

If you are a small business, chances you are using one of the popular ERP/Accounting/e-Commerce solutions that are cloud-based and available in a Software-as-a-Service model. These solutions typically are low cost and affordable. If you are business is growing and if you are in Retail, sooner or later your customers and vendors would want ERP to be integrated with EDI.

You definitely have done the right thing in choosing cloud-based SaaS systems for managing your orders, because most of them come with API. That’s a solid foundation to start on. If your ERP has API, then you have set your company well for integration and automation in the future. API makes it possible for other systems to read and write information such as Purchase orders, Invoices, etc from/to your ERP system.

If you have chosen a Cloud ERP with API, using Zenbridge, you can become EDI-ERP integrated with just a few configurations.

Understanding API Webhooks

In most modern day SaaS ERP softwares such as Zoho Books, Quickbooks, Shopify, etc, you can setup Webhooks. Webhook is a way to communicate changes happening inside your system to other external systems. As an example, when you create a new Purchase order inside your ERP, you can communicate this event to an EDI platform. The EDI platform can use the data sent by the ERP to generate 850 Purchase Order EDI.

Now if you take the other way around, if your EDI platform supports Webhooks, you can configure your EDI platform to communicate to your ERP. As an example, when your EDI platform receives an 810 Invoice EDI, it can communicate this event to your ERP and your ERP can use the data to create an invoice entry.

Zenbridge Webhooks for EDI-ERP Integration

We built Zenbridge as an API-centric platform from day one. We believe that all the cutting-edge conveniences of using API should be available for developers carrying out EDI integrations. Webhooks has been one of our top priorities. Using the Zenbridge EDI platform, you can configure it to transact EDI with your ERP system, making your Organization EDI capable within minutes. We have a pre-built set of connectors for all the popular ERP/Accounting/e-Commerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Zoho Books, Freshbooks, and Quickbooks. All you have to do is set up our connectors as Webhooks inside your ERP and our Zenbridge platform. And boom! you are EDI capable. This level of efficiency and speed is purely because of the fact that we are an EDI as an API platform.

Connectors for ERP

Here is the list of ERPs you can make “EDI capable” within minutes with Zenbridge,

  • Zoho Books
  • Freshbooks
  • Quickbooks
  • Shopify
  • BigCommerce
  • Kashoo
  • Magento Commerce
  • Miva
  • NetSuite
  • Odoo
  • Salesforce
  • Wave
  • Xero

If you don’t see your ERP/Accounting/e-Commerce platform, please send us your suggestion by emailing us: hello at zenbridge.io.

Happy Integrations!

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