Convert XML/JSON to Compliant EDI & vice-versa

Focus on your primary business problems instead of being overrun by EDI headaches.

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Why Zenbridge ?

  • standard

    One platform for all major EDI standards

    Zenbridge platform supports all versions of ANSI X12 and EDIFACT. No matter what your primary industry is, you can send and receive EDI using our API as long as you are using ANSI X12 or EDIFACT.

  • version

    Our API for all documents, all versions

    Zenbridge is the only EDI-as-API platform that supports all EDI documents of ANSI X12 and EDIFACT across all versions.

  • jsonXML

    Real-time compliance validation

    Zenbridge can validate your messages against partner compliance rules before transmission, making real-time compliance a reality. This ensures there are no non-compliant EDI exchanges.

  • Eliminanteedi

    Eliminates the need for EDI expertise & infrastructure

    If you are an application developer or an enterprise software company developing EDI solutions, our API eliminates the need for you to invest in EDI expertise & infrastructure. Use your existing API toolsets to build solutions.

EDI platform for API developers

Zenbridge is a platform built with the "developer experience" as the focal point. Only this can truly make it faster, easier, and cheaper for companies to implement EDI projects.

API ecosystem is one of the most advanced, mature & cost-effective ecosystems out there in terms of connectivity, toolsets, and infrastructure. API development also happens to be the most commonly available developer skill set, while EDI expertise is one of the rarest.

  • easytouse

    Easy-to-use API

    Our API documentation is friendly and easy to consume, abstracting out all the complexities of EDI and compliance requirements.

  • sandbox

    Sandbox environment

    We have Sandbox environments that you can use to develop, test, and learn integrations. This ensures you have a fully tested and stable solution before moving into production.

  • apisupport

    Support for X12 & EDIFACT

    Our API supports all documents and all versions of ANSI X12 and EDIFACT. No matter what your primary industry is, and where your partners are, you can send and receive EDI using our API.

How Zenbridge Works ?

You send your data as JSON to our API
API validates your data in real-time for compliance
Zenbridge generates compliant EDI and sends it to your partner
You receive data from EDI as API in your callback URI
API validates your partners data for potential issues
Your partner sends EDI to your Zenbridge AS2 connection

Not just our technology, we are loved for our EDI support too

Zenbridge Product Reviews on G2

We use Zenbridge as middleware for the end-to-end sales cycle.The customer service and developer resource(s) we have partnered with have been exceptional.

Seth V. Senior Director, Operations & Logistics

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