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Zenbridge is an EDI-as-API cloud platform that lets you send and receive EDI using API. EDI has existed for decades with massive adoption. However, they are still complex to understand, design, and implement. Even more so for modern-day developers, most of whom would not have heard of EDI.
Zenbridge removes that problem by letting you transact EDI without ever going through the learning curve of understanding EDI. Even better, you dont even need an EDI infrastructure. We achieve this by using API. Send us your data as API, and we will convert them into 100% compliant EDI and send it to your partners. As we jokingly call it, Zenbridge is the integration platform for people who hate EDI. At the end of the day, our mission is to make integration easier, faster, and cheaper. Happy Integrations!

Our Guiding Principles




Be open. Support all EDI standards.

We wanted our core technology to be completely open - handle any EDI standard and connect to any ERP or software system. And the fact that we are there is a testimony to our engineering team. Very few companies offer API interfaces for EDI. It's a relatively new concept, and we are proud to be the only player in the market with API for two of the most widely used EDI standards - X12 and EDIFACT. In addition, we support GS1 XML and CSV.

What's the value here for the customer? - You can use Zenbridge without worrying whether you will able to handle the diversity in your trading partner's EDI requirements and the diverse ERP ecosystem that exists out there.

Process notes

Onboarding process

Focus on your business while we take care of anything and everything that is EDI related. Zenbridge assigns an exclusive delivery manager who will act as your single point of contact throughout your journey with Zenbridge. Your delivery manager takes care of pretty much everything - walking you through the platform, configuring the platform, managing your trading partners, end-to-end testing, and go-live.

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Feature prioritization

Largely the voice of our customers and our entrepreneurial instincts drive our feature prioritization. Our customers are our biggest cheerleaders. We constantly engage with all our customers to understand their product experience.

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High availability & recovery

We employ a high availability setup for our application servers, databases & storage devices that guarantees 99.9% uptime. We also guarantee “at-least once delivery” of EDI transactions. Files are stored in Geo-zone-redundant storages which have automatic failover support to the secondary zone.

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Meet our amazing team

  • Karthikeyan Mani

    Karthikeyan Mani

    CEO and Founder  

  • Magesh Balakrishnan

    Magesh Balakrishnan

    Co-founder and CTO  

  • Ilayabasu C

    Ilayabasu C

    Co-founder, ERP Integrations  

  • Rubini Priya

    Rubini Priya

    Retail and EDI Compliance Expert  

  • Sreenidhi Nair

    Sreenidhi Nair

    Senior Technology Architect  

  • Tarun Kumar

    Tarun Kumar

    Product Manager  

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A stellar record on customer support.

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We use Zenbridge as middleware for the end-to-end sales cycle. The customer service and developer resource(s) we have partnered with have been exceptional.

Seth V. Senior Director, Operations & Logistics

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