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Release Note – Zenbridge v2.0.221125.0

Zenbridge v2.0.221125.025 Nov 2022 We are excited to announce the release of Zenbridge’s latest version v2.0.221125.0. In this release, we are introducing Reports to provide you with key insights and a new capability to handle the EDI workload, efficiently. It’s all here! Let’s take a closer look: Reports! Yes, we are introducing EDI reports  We have introduced

Release Note – Zenbridge v2.0.221118.0

We are excited to announce the release of Zenbridge’s latest version v2.0.221118.0. We wanted to strengthen the reliability and transparency of our MFT layer and we believe the following features gets us closer: EDI Connection health check You can now check the health status of the AS2 and SFTP connections established with your Trading Partners to exchange

EDI vs API | Differences and Benefits – Zenbridge

APIs can provide faster and more powerful solutions for most businesses today, but EDIs remain the core choice in some sectors. APIs are a modern concept that eases integrations for fast-growing businesses. On the other hand, traditional EDI standards, although seems outdated, are still in demand across retail, healthcare, automobile, logistics, construction, and manufacturing. With

Best retail EDI practices for a good delivery scorecard

Delivery as a key metric in vendor performance  The retail industry has always been a competitive one. A good supply chain strategy is of paramount importance to the retail giants to stay afloat in the competition. To dominate the market, having a great product is no longer enough. To ensure customer satisfaction, timely product supply,

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E-commerce Giants and Festive Sales

E-commerce websites such as Flipkart and Amazon had conducted two online sales during the festive season and had registered record sales. Amazon had announced “Happiness Upgrade Days” where customers got special offers on a wide range of products. The sale lasted till October 28th. Amazon offered up to 40% discount on the latest smartphones, 65%

Best Buy’s Web Sales see 242% growth in Q2

Best Buy had reported online revenue growth of approximately $5 billion in its fiscal Q2. This is a company record of web sales in a quarter. The company had stated that the reason for the boost in online sales was due to the higher conversion rates and increased website visits. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic,

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E-commerce businesses see a boost of $107 billion in 2020 during Covid-19 Pandemic

According to Adobe Analytics, The first eight months of US e-commerce business sales generated over 497 billion USD.  The adobe analytics data is based on sales data from all the online visits to retail sites. Eighteen product categories such as apparel, electronics, home, grocery, appliance, personal care, etc. are taken into consideration while analyzing the

Amazon Latest Grocery Store

Amazon’s Latest Grocery Store Concept Opens

The retail behemoth has said that they are opening a grocery store in Los Angeles with high tech shopping carts that allow the customers to skip the checkout lines. The Woodland Hills location is similar to a traditional full-service grocery store but with additional technology which includes Amazon Echo as well to guide customers while

Drone Delivery

Amazon Wins FAA Nod for Drone Delivery Fleet

Retail giant Amazon took a massive leap in the retail space by becoming one of the only few companies to get approval by the U.S government to operate as a drone airline. This critical step ensures Amazon’s goal of 30 minutes or less delivery time. Amazon has not mentioned any details as to when customers

Walmart Partners with Microsoft on a Potential TikTok Acquisition

Walmart had announced on Thursday that it was partnering with Microsoft on a possible Tik Tok deal. The retail giants had expressed their interest in buying the popular short video making app. ByteDance ( TikTok’s parent company ) is planning to sell its New Zealand, US, Canadian, and Australian operations in a deal that is

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