Dillard's Department Stores, Inc. is an American luxury department store business founded by William T. Dillard in 1938. Dillard's has approximately 200 stores in the United States and sells a wide selection of high-end products such as apparel, accessories, cosmetics, and home goods. The company takes pleasure in providing a premium shopping experience to clients, with professional and attentive employees, exquisite store design, and upscale amenities. Dillard's is dedicated to providing customers with the newest fashion trends, designer brands, and a personalized shopping experience. The corporation also supports local communities through charitable gifts and sponsorships.

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End-to-end EDI Automation with DILLARD’SDEPTSTORES,INC.


Zenbridge has a pre-built connector for all EDI documents required & supported by DILLARD’SDEPTSTORES,INC.. You can integrate the EDI transaction sets listed below with DILLARD’SDEPTSTORES,INC. at 100% compliance.

  • EDI 870 (Order Status Report) is an X12 transaction set to send reports for the current status of a requirement forecast, complete purchase order, selected line of items on a purchase order, selected items on a purchase order, or all or selected customer-specific purchase orders in their entirety. EDI 870 can also be used to send status reports for running requisitions. It may also be used to update shipment and delivery dates.
  • EDI 864 (Text Message) is an X12 transaction set used when moving messages, quotes, explanations, contracts, etc., between organizations. EDI 864 is intended to send messages to humans that computers cannot interpret or work with.
  • EDI 860 (Purchase Order Change Request) is an X12 transaction set to send the information regarding the changes in a purchase order as per customary and established business and industry practice. It can be used by a buyer to request a change in the previous purchase order (EDI 850) or to confirm the changes in the purchase order requested by a seller.
  • EDI 856 (Shipment/Manifest) is an X12 transaction set to send a list of contents of an order with additional information relating to the shipment. It includes information such as item name, description, characteristics, packaging type, carrier information, and equipment and configurations for the item for transportation. It helps the sender to describe the item and arrange a suitable shipment.
  • EDI 810 (Invoice) is an X12 transaction set to send billing information for rendered goods and services as per customary and established business and industry practice.
  • EDI 812 (Credit/Debit Adjustment) is an X12 transaction set to update a trading partner about any adjustments or bill-back made or requested for the order. EDI 812 is a multi-directional transaction set. It contains the information and amounts for credit, debit, adjustments, and exceptions related to goods and services.
  • EDI 816 (Organizational Relationships) is an X12 transaction set to transmit required information about a parent organization, its members, and the business relationships between members and the parent organization. EDI 816 is also used to update the application database, identify the eligibility to purchase, and terms and conditions negotiated by a parent organization or its members.
  • EDI 820 (Payment Order/ Remittance Advice) is an X12 transaction set to make a payment, send remittance advice, or both. EDI 820 can be used as an order or remittance advice sent to the payer to pay the payee directly from a financial institution or a third-party agent.
  • EDI 846 (Inventory Inquiry/Advice) is an X12 transaction set to provide inventory information by a seller to a buyer, by a representative of a seller to that seller, and by one location to another location that is managing goods or services. It is also used to inquire about the availability of inventory without any obligations on the seller to reserve that inventory.
  • EDI 850 (Purchase Order) is an X12 transaction set to place a purchase order for goods or services with a vendor as per customary and established business and industry practice.
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  • QadERP
  • Unit4ERP

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