NorthWest EDI integration

The North West Company is a Canadian retailer operating in remote and rural towns in Canada, Alaska, and the South Pacific. The company, founded in 1779, offers various products and services, including food, apparel, appliances, and financial services. The North West Company assists consumers in remote places by offering vital goods and services at reasonable pricing. The company's outlets are frequently located in remote areas, and it has a long history of collaborating with Indigenous populations. The North West Company is committed to sustainability, social responsibility, and local economic development.

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End-to-end EDI Automation with NorthWest

Complete EDI Solution for NorthWest

Zenbridge has a pre-built connector for all EDI documents required & supported by NorthWest. You can integrate the EDI transaction sets listed below with NorthWest at 100% compliance.

  • EDI 810 (Invoice) is an X12 transaction set to send billing information for rendered goods and services as per customary and established business and industry practice.
  • EDI 850 (Purchase Order) is an X12 transaction set to place a purchase order for goods or services with a vendor as per customary and established business and industry practice.
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Pre-built ERP Integration for NorthWest

Zenbridge offers pre-built connectors for some of the biggest ERPs that let you map NorthWest EDI to your ERP.

  • Netsuite ERP
  • Shopify ERP
  • QuickBooksERP
  • InforERP
  • ZohoBooksERP
  • AcumaticERP
  • MicrosoftDyanamic365ERP
  • MagentoERP
  • SageERP
  • odooERP
  • epicorERP
  • salesOrderERP
  • SysProERP
  • Abaserp
  • AptanERP
  • ExactERP
  • QadERP
  • Unit4ERP

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We use Zenbridge as middleware for the end-to-end sales cycle.The customer service and developer resource(s) we have partnered with have been exceptional.

Seth V. Senior Director, Operations & Logistics

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