OutsourceIG(CamelotWMS)–(Stord) EDI integration

Outsource IG is a prominent provider of outsourcing and staffing solutions, providing a diverse range of services to companies in various sectors. Outsource IG, with expertise in recruiting, human resources, and talent management, assists businesses in streamlining their processes and optimizing their staff. Their devoted specialists understand each client's unique demands and develop customized solutions to satisfy those needs. Outsource IG provides flexible and cost-effective solutions for temporary employment, project-based assignments, and long-term workforce management. Outsource IG is a trusted partner for organizations looking for efficient and dependable outsourcing and staffing services focusing on quality and customer satisfaction.

Integrate EDI with OutsourceIG(CamelotWMS)–(Stord) and fully automate your EDI workflow in under 3 weeks, starting at $350/Mo. Zenbridge is the fastest and cheapest way to get EDI integrated with OutsourceIG(CamelotWMS)–(Stord).


End-to-end EDI Automation with OutsourceIG(CamelotWMS)–(Stord)

Complete EDI Solution for OutsourceIG(CamelotWMS)–(Stord)

Zenbridge has a pre-built connector for all EDI documents required & supported by OutsourceIG(CamelotWMS)–(Stord). You can integrate the EDI transaction sets listed below with OutsourceIG(CamelotWMS)–(Stord) at 100% compliance.

  • EDI 945 (Warehouse Shipping Advice) is an X12 transaction set used by a warehouse to advise the depositor or their related parties that a shipment has been made. It contains information such as item identity, requested quantity, and shipping quantity.
  • EDI 944 (Warehouse Stock Transfer Receipt Advice) is an X12 transaction set used by the receiving party to advise the depositor or the party in their relationship that the transfer shipment has arrived and received. It contains information about the received items, date of delivery, and location.
  • EDI 943 (Warehouse Stock Transfer Shipment Advice) is an X12 transaction set to advise the recipient about the transfer shipment that has been made. It is sent by a depositor, their agent, or a third party, containing information such as receiving location and product details.
  • EDI 940 (Warehouse Shipping Order) is an X12 transaction set used by a depositor or a business party to manage actions in a warehouse, including making a shipment, modifying a shipment, confirming a shipment, or canceling a shipment.
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Pre-built ERP Integration for OutsourceIG(CamelotWMS)–(Stord)

Zenbridge offers pre-built connectors for some of the biggest ERPs that let you map OutsourceIG(CamelotWMS)–(Stord) EDI to your ERP.

  • Netsuite ERP
  • Shopify ERP
  • QuickBooksERP
  • InforERP
  • ZohoBooksERP
  • AcumaticERP
  • MicrosoftDyanamic365ERP
  • MagentoERP
  • SageERP
  • odooERP
  • epicorERP
  • salesOrderERP
  • SysProERP
  • Abaserp
  • AptanERP
  • ExactERP
  • QadERP
  • Unit4ERP

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We use Zenbridge as middleware for the end-to-end sales cycle.The customer service and developer resource(s) we have partnered with have been exceptional.

Seth V. Senior Director, Operations & Logistics

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