What’s the best EDI software solution for you?

Here’s a decision-making guide for choosing the right EDI software/solution for your organization. You can classify EDI solutions into three broad categories - Fully managed EDI services, traditional EDI softwares, and the new age - API-based EDI softwares.


Three types of EDI solutions

Let’s take a look at the diferent types of EDI solutions available on the market.


Fully managed EDI services

You outsource your entire EDI process to managed EDI service providers end to end. The EDI software and the process are controlled by the provider.


Traditional EDI Software

These are either on-premise or cloud softwares that you can purchase to implement your EDI integration in-house. Traditional EDI softwares are handled by EDI experts.


API-based EDI software

These are primarily cloud-based EDI software that let you send and receive EDI using API. Generally, little EDI expertise is required to implement EDI projects. EDI integrations can be performed by an API developer.

The criteria for choosing the best EDI software

If you are in the process of deciding to choose your next EDI solution, here are the five things you need to consider

Nature of use

Nature of use

Reflects the mode of operation and the system architecture.

Resources required

Resources required

Infrastructure, tech stack, and skills required.



The support system that is offered with the solution.



The development & maintenance cost.

Implementation time

Implementation time

The time to test, move into production.

EDI software compared for the key criteria

Traditional EDI ServicesTraditional EDI SoftwaresAPI based EDI (Zenbridge)
Nature of use

Fully managed

No control over development

Limited ability to customize

Self serve

Full control but hard to implement

Requires considerable EDI expertise

Self serve mode

No EDI expertise required

Use common API developer

Fully managed mode

Fully customized implementation by Zenbridge


Long waiting time

Needs full-time support team or vendor

Exclusive delivery manager

Unlimited developer support hours

24*7 support via Chat, Email & Phone

Resources Required


Cloud infrastructure, EDI implementation team, Support team

Fully managed mode

None for Fully managed mode

Self-serve mode

API tools, API developers for Self-serve mode


High cost

High integration cost

Lowest cost

Implementaion Time

Frustratingly slow - 3 to 5 months

Depends on the in-house team

5 weeks to 3 months

Fully managed -3 weeks

Self serve -3 to 5 weeks

Why companies are choosing API-based EDI software?

APIs make EDI integrations easier to code, test, and maintain in production. API also eliminates the need for EDI expertise

Faster & stabler connections

Faster & stabler connections

Our API eliminates EDI complexities using a very rich modern developer toolset, resulting in faster EDI integrations & production environments that are 10X stabler than typical EDI solutions.

Real-time data validations

Real-time data validations

Unlike traditional EDI solutions, API can validate data for partner-specific compliances in real-time, saving hundreds of manual hours lost in communication & thousands of dollars lost as chargebacks.

Hybrid environment

Hybrid environment

API-based EDI allows you to use existing API infrastructure to integrate with both API & EDI partners, allowing you to operate under one single unified environment.

Made your decision to go with an API based EDI software?

Here are some reasons why, you should choose Zenbridge

zenbridge support 24*7 over phone

Unmatched Pricing, Unparalleled Support.

  • The only API platform to support all EDI standards.
  • Free Sandbox.
  • Available in both Self-serve and fully managed modes.
  • Exclusive delivery manager, 24 X 7 on Phone, Email & Chat.
  • Pay when you go live, Lowest transaction fee - $0.01, Lowest integration cost.

Not just our technology, we are loved for our EDI support too

We use Zenbridge as middleware for the end-to-end sales cycle. The customer service and developer resource(s) we have partnered with have been exceptional.

Seth V. Senior Director, Operations & Logistics

Seth V. Senior Director, Operations & Logistics, Humble Crew Inc.

Zenbridge is used by Fortune 500 companies


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